Because every patient is unique, OSMOLEX® ER is available in multiple dose strengths.1

Image of a doctor discussing treatment with a patient Image of a doctor discussing treatment with a patient

Things to know before you start taking OSMOLEX® ER:

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Take OSMOLEX® ER exactly as your doctor tells you
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Take OSMOLEX® ER in the morning unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Your doctor may change your dose if needed
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Do not stop taking OSMOLEX® ER or change your dose before talking with your doctor. Tell your doctor if you have any withdrawal symptoms after stopping Osmolex® ER such as fever, confusion, or severe muscle stiffness
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OSMOLEX® ER may be taken with or without food
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Swallow OSMOLEX® ER tablets whole. Do not chew, crush, or divide OSMOLEX® ER tablets
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If you miss a dose of OSMOLEX® ER, do not make up the missed dose. Take your usual dose of OSMOLEX® ER on the next day in the morning
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If you take too much OSMOLEX® ER, call your doctor or go to the nearest hospital emergency room right away
OSMOLEX® ER tablet shell icon
The OSMOLEX® ER tablet shell does not dissolve completely even after all the drug has been released. The tablet shell may be seen in your stool
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You should not drink alcohol during treatment with Osmolex due to increased chances of serious side effects.


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